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Dedicated Support

With over 25 years experience, at Essex Home Finance we have a wealth of knowledge about your Mortgage options

Wide Choice

As well as a full range of Equity Release Mortgage options, we have a growing number of traditional Mortgage Lenders offering Later-Life lending.

Low Cost

We offer a Free Consultation to discuss your needs and potential solutions, with a low fixed-fee payable only on Offer.

A Little More About Essex Home Finance

Essex Home Finance are a Mortgage (and Insurance) Broker based in Chelmsford, Essex helping clients locally, across the South East and around the UK - Not only do we help those buying their first home, but we also help those looking to improve their retirement income in later life.

Comprehensive Lenders

With a combined use of over 65 Mortgage Lenders, we are well placed to ensure your individual needs can be accomodated.


All our Equity Release Lenders are members of the Equity Release Council

Lighting Fast

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